The Birthing Toolkit

Enter birthing with a feeling of knowledge, control and empowerment so that you and your partner can enjoy birthing your baby. | taught by Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Course Description

Imagine having the knowledge and confidence you need to birth your baby gently, calmly and naturally.

Would you like to learn some tools and techniques to help you get through labour? If so The Birthing Toolkit e-course is for you.

So often women walk into labour feeling ill-prepared, disempowered, and wishing they had some ideas of breathing techniques, active birth moves, ways their partner could have helped them and massaged their backs for pain relief – don’t be one of those women! The Birthing Toolkit will give you the tools and techniques you need to feel prepared, empowered, and ready for birthing.

Combining hypnobirthing essentials with realistic and easy-to-follow birthing guidance, the Birthing Toolkit workshop draws on Jackie Heffer-Cooke's eight years of working in Hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy massage and childbirth education.

The Birthing Toolkit is an online birthing course that delivers a truly transformational experience. It has been created to give you and your partner all the tools, and techniques you need to deliver your baby physically and the calm, confident mindset you need to enter birthing feeling calm and in control. 

First-time mum?

If you’re giving birth for the first time, I cannot overstate the importance of being prepared. Like many first time mummies I hoped for a natural birth but after an intervention was required for medical reasons, I was left feeling sad about my birthing experience. I was delighted with my bundle of joy but I felt like the entire experience had been out of my control and I grieved for my loss. - course founder, Jackie Heffer-Cooke.

Childbirth is both physically and emotionally demanding, but it can also be joyful and euphoric too. The Birthing Toolkit helps to prepare first time mums and their birthing partners for the experience of labour, you’ll feel informed and empowered, giving you the confidence to birth naturally, staying calm and in control.

Second-time mum?

If things didn’t quite go according to plan the first time around, the Birthing Toolkit will give you the tools and information you need to have a more empowered and natural birth this time around.

Through 13 informative video modules, The Birthing Toolkit online workshop walks you through the labour and birthing experience from how to breathe, to when to go to the hospital and what to pack, even how to sit in the car comfortably!

What You’ll Learn:

  • The most effective breathing techniques for each stage of labour
  • Active birth moves to assist your babies smooth and easy descent
  • About your birth partners role and how they can best help you in labour
  • Massage techniques to soothe your body and mind during labour
  • Essential birth props that can assist an easy birth, and how to use them

Also Included:
FREE positive affirmation MP3 download.

Want More? Purchase our hypnobirthing e-book for extra reading so you feel fully prepared and confident for your big day!

After the course, we guarantee that you’ll feel much calmer and more confident about giving birth. Your partner will also have a defined role and feel empowered by their active participation in the birth.

With your breathing and movement tools at the forefront of your mind you can focus on the birth experience you desire, with less need for intervention*.

Fitness Blogger, Influencer and Expectant Muma!
“This weekend we’re at the beach with the wonderful zenmuma learning Hypnobirthing & i honestly couldn’t be more excited for the waves to start happening so that we can retreat into our own little bat-cave & meet bump!” @carlyrowena

BT Sport Presenter and Wife.
"Sebastian was born is 2015 with no pain relief at all and his birth was everything we hoped for. Seb is the most calm, placid and happy baby and we can’t thank Jackie enough for all she did for us.”

Every woman deserves to have an empowered and enjoyable birth experience.

Jackie Heffer-Cooke
Jackie Heffer-Cooke
Bump, Baby & Birthing Expert

Jackie Heffer-Cooke started her own personal love affair with yoga and hypnobirthing when she was pregnant with her second baby, Sam.

Jackie is an expert in Childbirth Preparation, Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Massage. Anatomy and physiology for bump, birth and baby, pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and yoga, as well as the founder of The Orange Grove Clinic and Baby Centre and ZenMuma.

Through her work Jackie has helped 1000’s of parents through the exhilarating, but sometimes exhausting stages of bump, birth, baby and beyond. Jackie has appeared as a birth expert on Radio Norfolk, in various local and national publications and is a guest writer for Babycentre UK and MummyPages.

If you have any questions about the Birthing Toolkit online workshop, please contact Jackie on: 

Course Curriculum

The Birthing Toolkit: Introduction
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Chapter One: Early Labour
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Chapter Two: Birth is Just a Muscle
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Chapter Three: How the Muscle Works
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Chapter Four: Slow Breathing
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Chapter Five: Going to the Hospital
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Chapter Six: Oxytocin
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Chapter Seven: 'Haaaaa' Breathing
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Chapter Eight: An Active Birth
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Chapter Nine: Transition
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Chapter 10: Waters Breaking
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Chapter 11: Feather Breathing
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Chapter 12: Spine Breathing
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Chapter 13: Meet the Baby
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To Conclude...
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