Meditations for Pregnancy & Birth

taught by Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Course Description

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and feel the relaxing sensations gently fill your body and mind.

Welcome to this unique collection of meditations and visualisations for a relaxed pregnancy and calm birth.

Guided by hypnotherapist and pregnancy yoga expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke, these meditations help your body and mind to adjust and calmly embrace the many wonderful changes caused by pregnancy.

There are many benefits to a daily meditation practice whilst pregnant. Join Jackie as she guides your subconscious mind into creating a positive physical and mental state for the growth of your baby.

Jackie Heffer-Cooke
Jackie Heffer-Cooke
Bump, Baby & Birthing Expert

Jackie Heffer-Cooke started her own personal love affair with yoga and hypnobirthing when she was pregnant with her second baby, Sam.

Jackie is an expert in Childbirth Preparation, Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Massage. Anatomy and physiology for bump, birth and baby, pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and yoga, as well as the founder of The Orange Grove Clinic and Baby Centre and ZenMuma.

Through her work Jackie has helped 1000’s of parents through the exhilarating, but sometimes exhausting stages of bump, birth, baby and beyond. Jackie has appeared as a birth expert on Radio Norfolk, in various local and national publications and is a guest writer for Babycentre UK and MummyPages.